Workshops & Training

Online & In-Person
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A Wide Range
of Topics

- Resilience in Challenging Times: Thriving in the Face of a Pandemic

- Effective Leadership

- Body Language & Clear Communication

The Intergenerational Workplace: A Meeting of Minds

- Connecting: Using Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

- Team-Building Tactics

- Embracing Difference: Developing Diversity Awareness 

- Time Management: Clearing the Mental Clutter

- Relationship Literacy: Navigating Conflicts Constructively

- Bringing Mindfulness to Work

- 'I Am Enough': Mastering Self Esteem to Flourish 


The Right Skills shared in the
Right Way

Whatever the topic, all the Motivation In Mind workshops and training all have three things in common:

- Lots of practical skills that are useful in everyday life
- The latest research findings presented in a clear, relevant and entertaining way
- A safe and comfortable learning environment that encourages participation, questions, activities and fun! 

All Motivation In Mind courses include an extensive workbook that goes beyond the material covered and allows participants to explore and revisit the material at their own pace.